Sep 30

John Mack Carter, 86, Is Dead; Led Women's Magazines

John Mack Carter, 86, Is Dead; Led Women's Magazines
John Mack Carter, a Kentucky-born journalist who had the singular distinction of editing all of the so-called Big Three women's magazines and, in doing so, helped transform the genre during the feminist era, died on Friday at his home in Bronxville, N …
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What you need to know about the 'woman's heart attack'
Recent attention to the dearth of women in US clinical trials has revealed a startling problem in the medical world: Women make up less than a quarter (paywall) of participants in research trials related to heart disease in the US. As a result, most of …
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McCaskill involved in national battle for Senate women
WASHINGTON – Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill may not have a re-election battle this year, but she still finds herself smack dab in the middle of a campaign — a national crusade to keep women in the Senate and in leadership. Right now, there are 20 …
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Sep 23

Latest Womens Club News

Chico Women's Club to celebrate 101st Anniversary Sunday
The founding members included Annie Bidwell and Margaret March, the first president. Meetings were held in members' homes until they built the present clubhouse in 1933. By the 1960's the name changed to the Chico women's Club, which worked to help …
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Eastchester Women's Club Presents Check To Use For Joyce Road Playground
The Eastchester Women's Club presented Supervisor Anthony S. Colavita and the Eastchester Recreation Department with a 5,000 check to renovate Joyce Road playground. Photo Credit: Contributed …
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Sep 14

Tamils to Obama: Please Don’t Forget Us When You Talk With Modi, and Include Jayalalithaa and Her Suggested Referendum in Your Discussions

New Delhi, India (PRWEB) September 12, 2014

“Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is coming to the US to call on you this month,” began the letter that Tamils for Obama wrote to the president this week.

“Modi will probably want to talk about regional security, economic matters between India and the US, and international terrorism,” the letter went on. “We hope you and PM Modi will find time to discuss matters involving the Tamils in Sri Lanka.”

“We named a few of the reasons we think Tamil matters cry out for attention,” said the Tamils for Obama press spokesman. “We wrote the president ‘Tamils in Sri Lanka are suffering. The armed forces are seizing Tamil properties–homes, farms, lands, and businesses are being taken and transferred to Sinhalese citizens. Cultural objects like Hindu temples are being uprooted and replaced by Buddhist temples. Sexual violence against single and widowed Tamil women by the Sri Lankan armed forces has become rampant. Unexplained disappearances with no legal recourse for families of vanished persons are common. The white vans of paramilitary organizations are a frightening daily phenomenon.

‘The Tamil population is scared of the Sinhalese army. This creates an intolerable and unsustainable situation which cannot and will not endure; unrest and disorder are the least of what may be expected.’

“These conditions will lead to bad results,” said the spokesman. “If the storm doesn’t come soon, it will come later. We are urging the two leaders to take action now.”

The letter continued “We hope that you and the Indian Prime Minister will discuss ways to solve these persistent problems. We expect that you and Mr. Modi will include Jayalalithaa in your discussion. She is the Chief Minister of the southernmost Indian state of Tamil Nadu. She is the best informed and most involved Indian leader in Tamil matters, and perhaps the most influential and popular. In the past Jayalalithaa has proposed a referendum among the Tamils in the northeast of Sri Lanka and the displaced Tamils in the Tamil diaspora. This referendum will establish their wish for their political future.”

The letter concluded “The answer to all of the Tamils’ problems is probably an independent and self-protecting Tamil state. If the Tamil-inhabited provinces continue to be ruled by Colombo, all of these problems will continue into the future for as far as we can see. If an independent Tamil state exists, the Tamils will be able to protect themselves and solve their own problems. Everything rests on separation.”

Tamils for Obama is a politically active group of Tamil Americans. They believe that over 70,000 Tamil civilians were massacred during the last weeks of the Sri Lankan ethnic war. They have also watched the behavior of the Sri Lankan Singhalese victors after the war, and strongly conclude that Tamils in Sri Lanka will only be safe when this unfortunate island is divided into two states.

To contact the group, call at (516) 308-2645 and speak to, or leave a message for, the Communication Director, Tamils for Obama.

Email: info(at)TamilsforObama(dot)com

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Aug 26

Magpi Launches New Mobile Data Collection and Messaging Application Suite, Expanding Footprint from Global Development to Commercial Markets

Washington, D.C. (PRWEB) August 25, 2014

Magpi, a leading provider of configurable, cloud-based mobile data collection and communication applications, today announced the release of Magpi 2.0, making it easier and more affordable to create form-based mobile apps and outgoing SMS and voice messages. Magpi (formerly DataDyne) was founded in 2003 by two experts in global health and technology from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and American Red Cross. Its the longest running data collection technology in international development and widely used in the global health and international development sectors.

With more than 31,000 field workers in 170 countries using Magpi from organizations including the World Bank, the CDC, the American Red Cross, and the World Health Organization the company now turns its focus to enabling the commercial markets to experience the full benefits of mobility: real-time data collection and syncing, dramatic time and cost savings, and improved data quality, all while reducing the environmental impact of paper.

Magpi empowers businesses in need of surveys, inspections, compliance audits, research, supply chain management, geo-data information collection and other forms to simply create a mobile form, then deploy it in minutes to any device. It also makes broadcast messaging possible for any organization, enabling users to create mass SMS or voice messaging campaigns in any language from an easy-to-use web interface, without having to work through local carriers.

The launch of Magpi version 2.0 enables improved mobile data collection and messaging with these new features: