Jul 19

Patten Power Systems, a Caterpillar Dealer, Supports Rockin for the Troops, July 19

Elmhurst, IL (PRWEB) July 18, 2014

Having just set up thrity-three light towers, two 400kW generators, six additional generators of various sizes and miles of distribution cables at Cantigny Park, Patten Power Systems will be announced as a Three Star Sponsor of Rockin for the Troops. This premiere troop support concert plans to reach a sell-out crowd of 11,000 and Patten Power Systems, the local Caterpillar Dealer is proud to partner, yet again, with an organization dedicated to service men and women.

This ninth annual concert on July 19 features award-winning, critically acclaimed actor Gary Sinise and the Lt. Dan Band as the evening headliner. Patten Power Systems will be behind the scenes making this event possible. The family-friendly event will also have a family activity area, food and beverage vendors, as well as patriotic items for sale.

In March 2014, Patten Cat was nominated as a Most Valuable Employers for Military Finalist by CivilianJobs.com due to their outstanding efforts to attract and hire those who have served in the Military. From recruiting to training and retention, Patten connects military-experienced job seekers with open career positions and now, connects military families to a night of fun at Cantigny Park.

Jul 16

HONG KONG Women’s Groups – Dynamic Qualifications — 2014 Acrobatic Worlds, Levallois-Paris (FRA)

FIG Official – 24th Acrobatic Gymnastics World Championships – Levallois (FRA), July 10 – 12, 2014. Hong Kong (Ho Ching Lam, Gast Carmen, Lam Ho Ching). Wome…
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FIG Official – 24th Acrobatic Gymnastics World Championships – Levallois (FRA), July 10 – 12, 2014. France 2 (Madeleine Bayon, Alizée Costes, Noémie Nadaud)….
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Jul 09

Legend Group Studios & Indion Entertainment Present Award-winning Feature Film DRUNKTOWN’S FINEST at The Museum Of Modern Art in New York, NY July 10th – July 16th

New York, NY (PRWEB) July 09, 2014

Legend Group Studios is excited to announce that Navajo writer/director Sydney Freelands feature film DRUNKTOWNS FINEST will have its Big Apple premiere at the Carte Blanche: Sundance Institutes Native American and Indigenous Program film exhibition from Thursday, July 10 through Wednesday, July 16 at The Museum of Modern Art in New York, NY.

Drunktowns Finest is the coming-of-age story of three Navajo teens struggling to find themselves on their beautifully desolate reservation a college-bound Christian adoptee, a rebellious and angry father-to-be, and a promiscuous yet ambitious transsexual. This film reflects the very real experience of modern Native American youths fighting to discover their places within a variety of competing identities, but more importantly reveals the same struggles that many young Americans face while growing up in the modern version of small-town U.S.A.

Ms. Freelands debut feature film recently screened to uproarious standing ovations at the Kimo Theatre in Albuquerque, the Garneau Theatre in Canada, and the Roxie Theatre in San Francisco. Drunktown won the Best of New Mexico award at the Albuquerque Film & Media Experience as well as Best Drama at Canadas Dreamspeakers Festival.

This year, the Sundance Institute celebrates the 20th anniversary of its Native American and Indigenous program. Staying true to Institute founder & President Robert Redfords vision, the program has formed and maintained support for native/indigenous filmmakers through labs, grants, fellowships, and screenings for Native communities to ignite new generations of storytellers. The MOMA exhibition features 10 programs of dramatic features and documentaries by Native American and Indigenous directors from the United States, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. Here are the upcoming screenings of Drunktowns Finest at the exhibition:

-Thursday, July 10, 2014, 7:00 pm, Theater 2, T2 (New York premiere; Followed by a

discussion with Sydney Freeland)

-Friday, July 11, 4:00 pm, Theatre 2, T2

-Saturday, July 12, 2014, 1:30 pm, Theatre 2, T2

-Sunday, July 13, 2014, 2:00 pm, Theatre 2, T2

-Monday, July 14, 2014, 4:00 pm, Theatre 2, T2

-Tuesday, July 15, 2014, 4:00 pm, Theatre 2, T2

-Wednesday, July 16, 2014, 7:00 pm, Theatre 2, T2

Freelands talent and dedication to storytelling is exemplified not only by the multiple accolades and the attention of the press to her compelling treatment of native, womens, and LGBTQ issues, but in the impact her film is making on the communities and people it has touched.

Visit http://www.drunktownsfinest.com to view additional festival screening dates as well as press coverage of the film. Please direct media inquires regarding Drunktowns Finest to contact(at)drunktownsfinest(dot)com.

Jul 06

Hungary v Japan – Quarter-Finals – 2014 FIBA U17 World Championship for women

Watch Hungary v Japan live on the FIBA YouTube channel July 4th. The 2014 FIBA U17 Basketball World Championship for women takes place in the Czech Republic from June 28th to July 6th. Up…
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Detective Phil Stoddard says Justin Harris was sexting with other women, including a minor, while Cooper was in the car.
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Jun 20

How To Buy The Best Golf Clubs For Women

http://www.hirekogolf.com – The iBella Obsession Womens Golf Clubs are exclusively designed for womens golf and not just a man’s model painted an alternative…
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I was really taken back by Renee & Pete. Their Love Story makes you humble and grateful for what you have, and makes you realize that love can conquer all. W…
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Jun 08

Secured Cards for People with Poor Credit Wanting Cash Back Credit Card Rewards

Now individuals every-where are seeking easy manner to make or conserve money. There are several routes you might choose, but one uncomplicated procedure includes using cash-back credit card benefits. There are many credit cards available that’ll give you numerous benefits for utilizing them. Although a few of these rewards are material products or issues like regular flyer miles, some cards provide cashback.
These programs are good for everyone included. Charge card companies gain because these wages entice people to apply for and utilize their cards. Clients earn by acquiring rewards. Retail merchants may even gain by partnering with the credit card company to be able to offer reward compensations. How these programs function count on the particular rules of the card you pick. Nevertheless, there are some general recommendations that apply to most and CompareCashBackCards.net is here to reveal these instructions, thus let’s get started!
There are several distinct manners a card may allow you to cash in on your own wages. You might be routed an genuine check, be given the choice to choose from specific present cards, credit towards future purchases, or money direct deposited into your accounts. Some companies offer funds that may just be spent in their own online marketplace. You’ll need to look into these choices before applying for the card to be sure you might utilize the benefits.
Sadly, additionally, there are some minuses to these cards. Cash-back credit card benefits commonly have additional demands attached to the use of the card. You may have to spend an yearly payment or there may be a minimal buy amount required before cashing in on your own wages. Sometimes these cards also come with higher rates of interest than additional, low-benefit credit cards. A select few of these cards need you to pay a charge to have a check delivered to you.
Occasionally the folks who need to save money the the majority are the kinds incapable to get cash back credit card rewards, due to inferior credit. If your credit is sub par, you might be competent to get a secured credit card that offers cash back. If you’ve got a secured credit card, you are needed to continue deposit the same number that is accessible on your card. This makes you less of a risk because if you default on your credit card repayments, the banking has the cash on deposit to pay off your invoice. This implies more banking will willingly give people who have inferior credit cash back benefit cards. You’ll be charged interest on a secured credit card, but you’ll maybe not usually have a yearly charge or service charge.
If you’ve inferior credit, the best thing you may do is work on your financing to deliver your credit score up. Meanwhile, a secured card can help you to get back on your feet.

Jun 07

Making the Most out of Your Cashback Cards

Nowadays, a huge tendency in credit cards is getting cashback or wages for your own purchases. A lot of people depend on credit cards to make everyday purchases, enormous purchases, as well as spend bills. Acquiring something back on your disbursement makes a lot of sense, and is one cause why some individuals have charge cards in any way.
Even though cash back credit cards may be a fantastic advantage, they aren’t constantly a good financial option. Annual charges, interest rates, and rules and conditions may all make a cash back card expense you more income ultimately. Luckily, if you follow some general principles, you should be competent to find a good cashback card that can increase your profits rather than simply take them apart. The principles under are recorded by the team of our partner’s firm site, comparecashbackcards.net.
Eventually, you’ll desire to take a look at the regulations that come in addition to the cash back card. For instance, some cards might simply offer cash back if you shop at certain shops, or for certain things including petrol. Unless you utilize these stores, or do not buy gasoline with a card, you will not bring in many compensations, and so an alternative card may likely be a better alternative for you. Also, some cards might have conditions that restrict the sum of cash back you can get each year, or will simply enable you to get your advantage after a particular amount. If your card just enables 0 in cash-back per year, and you devote substantially greater than that, your purchases are being wasted. If your card will just enable you to get once you hit , and you never get that high, or the rewards are reset each yr, you might pass up on what you’ve bring in. Constantly examine the fine print before submitting an application for a card.
First, when trying to find a cashback card, it is significant to take a look at the yearly charge. Several cards cost a yearly payment just to be a member. This payment can range anywhere from to 5. Most individuals do not think much of the fee because it’s only once annually, plus they are more used by the publicized rewards. Yet, several charge cards only provide 1-2% cash-back on purchases, although some will offer up to 5%. Depending on how much you invest, you might just bring in in a year, producing that money yearly fee maybe not worth it. However, if you are a big-spender and plan on bring in back a greater amount of cash back, the yearly charge might not issue a lot to you.
Similarly, rates of interest are another factor that you should consider strongly. As a way to make money, charge cards include a specific curiosity rate that’s calculated in to your monthly payment. The greater your balance, the more interest you pay each month. Those with the finest credit ratings oftentimes receive the cheapest interest rates. Several cash back cards come with greater interest rates, as a way to counter the price of giving cash back. If the card will cost you more in interest than you will earn in cash back, it is not worth applying for. Merely like with yearly charges, there are low-interest cash-back cards available if you do your research.